7.75″ Sea Turtle Straw – $0.02/pcs


1/4″ Inch Inner Diameter

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SEA TURTLE STRAW – $0.02/Straw

OkStraw’s Eco-friendly Restaurant Store offers a 7.75″, jumbo size, sea turtle straw.  Our straw engineers built a 1/4″ wide diameter jumbo straw – perfect for drink service with 16oz cocktail glasses. Be bold and design a drink menu that is insta-friendly using our colorful biodegradable straws; because OkStraw’s local restaurant supply is both stylish and sustainable!

Double check your straw size!  For reference, our smaller 5.75″ paper cocktail straws fit perfectly into 12oz glasses.


Handshakes as strong as our straws! Our biodegradable straws sip strong for 5-hours! Too good to be true? OkStraw offers a handshake deal as strong as our strawsTest a Free Retail Pack of 500 jumbo straws. And after our 4-Ply straw strength earns your trust, let us earn your business with factory discounts & free UPS shipping.

OkStraw’s 4-Ply straw technology is the secret to our product strength.  We offer the strongest straws for the best prices, all straight from us – the manufacturer.


OkStraw manufactures biodegradable straws with FSC approved, virgin paper.  Clients enjoy a gluten free paper straw, which contains no PFAS.  After discarding their beverages, our CMA certified paper straws compost in 90 days.  This is real biodegradability.   “CornStarch” PLA Straws do not biodegrade.  PLA plastics do not compost.  Any sustainable product built a percentage of PLA, will deteriorate at the same rate as plastic.  Alternatively, OkStraw’s local restaurant supply enjoys a green life-cycle, from beginning to end.


OkStraw supplies biodegradable straws to restaurant groups. Buy local restaurant supply straight from the straw manufacturer! Ditch the distributor and switch to OkStraw Paper Straws!

To help shop for jumbo straws, compare our factory prices to other big brands like, Aardvark Straws.  But, watch out for cheap & flimsy straws from restaurant depot companies!

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