20″ Straws for 36oz Beverages



20″ Straws pair perfectly with BIG BEVERAGE of 36oz or more!   Use our Crazy straws for big, shared, margaritas, sangrias, and shared cocktail drinks.  These Tiki Straws are ideal for your bars in NOLA, Las Vegas, or Rosarito.  In fact, OkStraw’s Silly Straw design stands out on social media.  So, get your biggest beverages trending online by encouraging people to post experience with our Silly Straws.  Folks will flock to your spot for a chance to try a big drink with a big straw!  A paper solution to a plastic problem!


OkStraws stay strong for 5-hours! But, we hope your clients finish their frozen treat before then!  The strength of our Tiki Straw really shines when served in a mixed slush, fruit smoothie, or blended cocktail.  Wrapped in four layers of premium, virgin paper – these straws can outlast the biggest beverages.   There is no other product like this on the market – no where.  We are the exclusive manufacturer of the Tiki Straw.  So, anchor your 36oz beverage with a durable, Silly Straw.  Every resort, casino, bar, and restaurant needs a Crazy Straw to compliment their biggest beverages on the menu.


Our Crazy Straws are planet friendly and people safe!  The Forest Stewardship Council certifies our paper’s ‘Chain of Custody’ to ensure we sustainably source paper at origin.  Afterwards, clients sustainably discard the Crazy Straw. How?  Once discarded, our Silly Straws biodegrade in 90 days – unlike plastic straws. These paper products show your shop’s commitment to sustainability.  In short, the new normal for your frozen sweet treats are our silly straws.


Sustainability is profitable! How? Brand your BIG beverage experience for new clients.  Capture clients curiosity with a Tiki Straw by branding your logo onto them.  After that, make sure people speak and share their experience with your new 20″, 5-Hour Straws.  For instance, when thirsty clients search for fun bar’s in town, make sure these Crazy Straws and your big beverages are seen! Brand your big beverages with a big custom printed straw.