OkStraw Paper Straws - Let's End Single-use Plastics Together

Sustainably sourced supply chain, eco-friendly production, food & drink safe, planet approved
Plastic Straws Eliminated

For every paper straw we sell, that means there is one less plastic straw being used!

Customers Served

From local customers in our home town of San Diego, California - to customers around the globe - we're dedicated to service as strong as our paper straws!

Trees Planted

OkStraw Paper Straws is a member of the Forest Stewardship Council - meaning that our supply chain is sustainable from beginning to end. For every tree used to make our paper, 4 more trees are planted in its place!

Turtles Saved

We all remember the sea turtle video with a plastic straw up its nose - that helped start the paper straw movement. We're all about preserving our marine environments!

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