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Delaware the Newest State to Pass Plastic Bag Ban

Delaware is becoming the next state to ban single-use plastic bags. Governor John Carney signed the bill into law on July 29th, which will take effect on January 1st, 2021.

OkStraw Paper Straws: Why Choose Us?

With so many paper straw brands to choose from, the decision seems overwhelming. Fear not, however, because OkStraw is here to deliver a product that surpasses the competition.

Oregon Plastic Straw Ban – Oregon Passes Single-Use Plastic Straw Law

Oregon Plastic Straw Ban. Starting in January 2020, Oregon has banned restaurants and bars from using plastic straws. Paper Straws are an alternative. The Oregon house of representatives has voted to ban businesses and stores from handing out single-use plastic straws, unless requested

Why We Do What We Do at OkStraw

When we think of any cold beverage we enjoy on the go, we will probably drink it through a plastic straw. World demand for plastic straws is enormous, with Americans alone using 500 million of them per day. Many of us are unaware, however, that single use plastic straws are destroying our oceans’ ecosystems. Plastic […]

StarBucks Straw Ban – Corporate Sustainability

[siteorigin_widget] “,”after_widget”:””,”before_title”:” “,”after_title”:””,”widget_id”:”widget-0-0-0″}}”>[/siteorigin_widget] [siteorigin_widget] “,”after_widget”:””,”before_title”:” “,”after_title”:””,”widget_id”:”widget-0-1-0″}}”>[/siteorigin_widget] Starbucks Straw Ban, Sucks the Fun Out of Plastic Straws The Starbucks straw ban is making headlines right now.  Faced with a growing backlash over its effect on the environment, Starbucks is about to stop using disposable plastic straws by 2020.  This will erase more than one billion straws […]

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