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Spoon Straws: For Your Slushie Needs

Did you recently enjoy your favorite flavored ice or slushy drink? If so, then chances are you used a spoon straw. These nifty utensils are essential for getting that last bit of ice and syrup or juice from our favorite summer beverages. Because iced and slushie drinks are thick, getting a tough straw that won’t bend or break can be challenging. 

OkStraw’s paper spoon straws solve this issue. While other companies use 3-ply spoon straws, our spoon straws are 4-ply, giving them long lasting performance. No more worries about your straw failing because you didn’t finish your slushie fast enough, and no more succumbing to brain freeze in the race against your straw.

With the weather getting hotter, and more beachfront American cities banning single-use plastic straws, vendors serving shlushies and flavored ice drinks need sustainable and compliant spoon straws to keep their customers cool. With OkStraw paper spoon straws, there are no compromises to make.