Boba Paper Straws – Pink Stripe Diagonal Cut – 4PLY


Boba Paper Straws – Bubble Tea Paper Straws
Diagonal Cut Pink Stripe – 4PLY
12 x 216mm – 0.47″ x 8.5″

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Pink Stripe Boba Paper Straws – Bubble Tea Paper Straws

12 X 216mm – 0.47″ x 8.5″

4PLY – Wrapped 4 times for Super Strength

Diagonal Cut Pink Stripe Paper Straws

100 Count Packs – 2400 Count Cases

Unwrapped & Wrapped Available

Perfect for Boba & Bubble Tea – Diagonal Cut Tip to pierce tops of tea containers

Pink Stripe Boba Paper Straws

4-Ply – Paper wrapped 4 times for extra strength and durability

Pink Stripe color

Boba size (12 X 216mm – 0.47″ x 8.5″)

Bubble Tea Straws for Boba

Pink Stripe Boba Paper Straw that is perfect for boba tea, bubble tea, milk shakes, smoothies, blended drinks & margaritas. You can’t go wrong with a Bubble Tea paper straw from OkStraw!


Most paper straws get a bad wrap – literally and figuratively. Wax films and poor glue make a mushy straw. Enter OkStraw Boba Paper Straws – We develop a Premium, FDA compliant, organic glue to bind our high-quality Kraft paper together, thus changing the bubble tea paper straw game! In fact, our Pink Stripe paper straws boast a 4-layer wrap, that will work for more than 5 hours inside a beverage. Guaranteed to Last!


OkStraw Pink Stripe Boba Paper Straws products are people safe & planet friendly! Our paper, ink, and glue all exceed FDA & EU food safety standards. Also, our paper is certified as sustainably sourced, per the Forest Stewardship Council. OkStraw Bubble tea Paper Straws single-use paper straws are 100% biodegradable and therefore recyclable and compostable. Don’t forget plastic free, non-toxic and odorless because of our environmentally friendly manufacturing process!


Our environmentally friendly Pink Stripe Boba paper straws are perfect for bars, restaurants, cafes, delis. Also great in office break rooms, classrooms, birthday parties, baby showers, wedding receptions, bridal showers, any party in fact! Don’t forget drink supplies for BBQs, housewarming parties, picnics, and more.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed. OkStraw Paper Straws has a dedicated customer service team headquartered in San Diego, CA. We are available by phone, email or webchat. We understand bubble tea paper straws are new – so contact us with questions or concerns. If your experience was less than satisfactory, then we want a chance to make it right. Contact us for support.


Our website offers 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm diameter straws. In fact, we sell Diagonal Cut, Spoon Straws, Boba Straws & Bubble Tea Straws. All these sizes are juices, shakes, smoothies, iced coffees and boba tea & bubble tea drinks. We ship cases, pallets and containers. We offer custom design print for your logo on paper straws as well!


Premium Quality Pink Stripe Boba Paper Straws

Made of biodegradable, environmentally friendly materials, OkStraw Boba paper straws manufacturing process make them disposable drink-ware and therefore eco-friendly. Manufactured with food safe ink and BPA free makes our Pink Stripe paper straws from FDA approved materials and thus makes them food grade. The FDA approved food-safe dyes give our eco-friendly straws vibrant color schemes and add a decorative touch that lets guests easily identify their glasses.

OkStraw paper straws are a safe and suitable alternative to plastic because these are safer for the environment and are biodegradable and compostable. We have many sizes available and all our Boba straws are high quality. These Boba paper straws are the perfect size, therefore will fit perfectly in a mason jar glass or any cup. OkStraw Pink Stripe Boba Paper Straws hold up great and will not fall apart or melt in liquid for an extended period of time because of our 4PLY wrap.

Do your part saving the Earth – There’s something YOU can do about it! Reducing or not using plastic straws. Join the cause for paper straws!

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