Diagonal Cut, Black Stripe, Paper Straw for Boba Tea Drinks
Black Stripe Boba Straws (0.47″ x 8.5″)
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Black Stripe Boba Straws (0.47″ x 8.5″)



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Black Stripe Boba Straws fit perfectly in any 16oz-32oz bubble tea drink.  Even better, these striped straws make for eye-popping social media photos of your boba shop! So, how’s it work?  First, OkStraw’s diagonal cut tip pops the top of any plastic film on a 16oz cup.  Again, our diagonal cut tip straw punctures the lid of your boba drink – with ease! So pop the top, snap a pic and let clients connect to your shop on the spot!  These extra large paper straws are great for diners too!  Use these extra large straws for classic milkshakes, frozen drinks, blended shakes and more!  After all, no sip is too big, if your clients are using OkStraw’s bubble tea straws.


To Boba Distributors, Black Stripe Boba Straws stand strong for 5-hours in a drink! But, we hope your clients finish their bubble tea before then!  So, how do we do it? How do we make a 5 Hour strong bubble tea straw?  First, we source premium paper to be wrapped around four times into a straw.  Second, we use an in-house, food-safe glue that binds those four layers as they’re wrapped together.  This is different that standard paper straws. Why? Regular paper straws coat their straws in wax to retain strength.  Wax tastes funny and falls apart.  Consequently, both the straw and customer melt down.  So, don’t disappoint customers with cheap paper products.  Use OkStraw’s 5-Hour strong, extra large paper straw.


Our Black Stripe Boba Straw products are planet friendly and people safe!  First, a sustainable straw starts with its paper. The Forest Stewardship Council certifies our paper’s ‘Chain of Custody’.  They ensure we sustainably source paper at origin.  Afterwards, our paper straws are sustainably discarded by clients.  Once discarded, our 5-hour paper straws biodegrade in 90 days – unlike PLA “corn” straws. These blue, plastic based straws are not safe for marine habitats.  However, OkStraw product materials are safe.  For example, our soy-based ink and organic glue are allergen free and FDA safe.  Additionally, we use virgin, non-recycled, craft paper as central straw material.  Recycled paper may contain shellfish or gluten allergens.  OkStraw works with exclusively with sustainably sourced, food safe materials.


The OkStraw team serves as your proud paper straw partners.  You trust us to deliver strong service and strong straws.  We start by returning every request for information the same day.  In fact, we even connect you to free, same-day, UPS shipping on all paper straw purchases.  What’s more, OkStraw also stands by our superior product quality.  Indeed, we offer refunds to affirm our pledge in providing service as strong as our straws.  In turn, we trust you to refer OkStraw products to other boba shops, bubble tea vendors, and diners alike.  So, if you know just one person who is open minded, connect them to our team at sales@okstraw.com.

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