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Paper Straws, Ocean Conservation & Plastic Eradication News

Eco-Friendly Restaurant Supplies Vs Plastics

In-Dining Restaurants Face Second Shutdown Restaurants with in-dining operations currently face a second shut down.  This is despite still grappling with the first wave of COVID spread.  States such as Texas, Florida, and California re-opened in-dining restaurants too quickly.  In fact, they ignored the CDC’s re-opening guidelines all together.  As a result, Sunbelt hospitals are […]

Universal Recycling Law In Vermont

Food Waste Recycling is the New Normal According to the EPA only 35% of food waste is recycled in America.  In fact, 65% of food waste goes to landfills. Vermont is no different.  They send the same amount of uneaten food to landfills.  However,  their new universal recycling law is the first in 10 years […]

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Dies

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Canceled – Legal Battles & Green Energy Duke Energy and Dominion Energy announced the cancellation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  Referred to as the ACP, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline was delayed due to increasing cost, on going delayed and general uncertainty.  This is despite a strong 7-2 supreme court decision which authorized […]

Microplastics from Plastic Tea Bags.

Mircoplastics are in your tea bags – watch out! We know it is Fall.  The weather is cooling down. You are looking to stay warm. You grab your bag of premium tea, place it in a cup of hot water, and the brewing commences. Cheers, now enjoy your herb and microplastic cocktail! Wait, what!? Yes, […]

Plastics Ban & Paper Product Solutions

A German Plastics Ban Fights Climate Crisis Germany is launching it’s newest initiative to combat the climate crisis – a ban on single use plastics. This German plastics ban focuses on curbing consumption of plastic straws, cutlery, cups and cotton swabs.  Also included in the German plastics ban are non-compostable to-go containers. Confronting a Throw […]

International Restaurant and Foodservice Show – New York

BOOTH 1456 Join OkStraw Paper Straws in booth 1456 at the International Restaurant and Foodservice Show – New York, from March 8th to 10th. Our team is ready to meet your paper straw needs! For attendees focusing on cafe supply, bar supply and restaurant supply, be sure to stop and meet us at OkStraw Paper Straws. […]

RCSHOW – Restaurants Canada Show – Toronto

BOOTH 3016 Join OkStraw Paper Straws in booth 3016 at the Restaurants Canada Show in Toronto from March 1st to 3rd. Our team is ready to meet your paper straw needs! For attendees focusing on cafe supply, bar supply and restaurant supply, be sure to stop and meet us at OkStraw Paper Straws. With competitively […]

Political Paper Straws for the Primaries!

Americans are thirsty for political change. Left or Right, we offer political paper straws to any patriot.  2020’s in full swing, and that means it’s Primary Season. Millions of Americans are going to the polls, and selecting their preferred candidates. Naturally, only one candidate will win this race, but that doesn’t tamp down the thrill […]

California Plastic Waste Vote this 2020.

We know California plastic waste affects everyone here on the West Coast. People want change, but what happens when the politicians can’t seem to take action? Petitions go out, signatures come in, and the people exercise their right to vote. When it comes to reducing single-use plastics, we might see a reduction in California Plastic […]

New Recycling Law for California in 2020

New 2020 Organic Recycling Rules for California and the impact of paper straws in reducing single-use plastic pollution and waste

Unique Designs Paper Straws

Dozens of Unique Designs, Colors, and Sizes for our Paper Straws See All Designs See All Colors See All Sizes Sports Paper Straws Sports Paper Straws Pack – Jumbo Cocktail Sale! $9.99 – $299.99 Select options Football Paper Straws – Jumbo Cocktail Sale! $4.99 – $299.99 Select options Soccer Paper Straws – Jumbo Cocktail Sale! $4.99 – […]

Boba and Bubble Tea Paper Straws

BOBA TEA PAPER STRAWS & BUBBLE TEA PAPER STRAWS Paper Straws that work great inMilk Shakes and Smoothies too! GUARANTEED TO LASTSTRONGEST ON THE MARKET Learn More About Our Boba Paper Straw Collection Boba Paper Straws – Yellow Stripe Diagonal Cut – 4PLY Sale! $14.99 – $299.99 Select options Boba Paper Straws – Black Stripe […]

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