Paper Spoon Straws from OkStraw Slurp Up the Competition

Summer’s in full swing, and the days just seem to get hotter and hotter. Thinking of picking up a slushie to cool off? Well go right past that plastic straw, and get yourself a spoon straw from OkStraw Paper Straws! 


OkStraw Paper Spoon Straws are the newest offering, and they’re like no other plastic-free spoon straw you’ve tried. Tough, durable, and long lasting, these Paper Spoon Straws truly deserve to be the new member of the OkStraw family.

Time's Up, Plastic Straw!

Slushees were the invention of Omar Knedlik and The ICEE Company in the 1950s. A half-frozen soda, the slushee was and is a hit today. Making a straw that works with a slurpee is tough, though. Because they are made of slushed ice, you need a special straw with a spoon-shaped end to stir this beverage, and keep the flavors mixed. 

Until now, plastic spoon straws were the only single-use straws that worked well. Spoon paper straws didn’t work well enough because they went soggy too fast, and the spoon became floppy. OkStraw Paper Spoon straws solve this problem, and with it, the plastic spoon straw’s days are numbered.

Unparalleled Performance

How does OkStraw make its spoon straws so tough in such a demanding drink like a slushee? The secret comes down to layers and shapes. Spoon paper straws from OkStraw are made from 4 layers of paper. This gives the straws extra thickness, rigidity and staying power. In fact, OkStraw Paper Spoon Straws are rated to last 5 hours in a slushee! 


Perfecting the tips of our Paper Spoon Straws was no easy task, but the results speak for themselves. No more flimsy or floppy spoon ends, and no more rushing to finish your slurpee before the straw gives up the go. It’s safe to say that OkStraw won the war on brain freeze with these spoon paper straws. 

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Spoon Straws Any Way You Want

OkStraw Paper Spoon Straws come in two different diameters: 6mm, and 8mm for thicker slushees. Solid colors and stripes are available, as well. Of course, custom prints are available for OkStraw Paper Spoon Straws. Show us the logo or graphic you want, and we’ll make your custom print spoon straws in a jiffy.

For too long, the plastic spoon straw held slurpees in its grasp, but it’s all over. OkStraw’s Paper Spoon Straws deliver a crushing blow to plastic spoon straws, and slurp up the competition. Defeat the menace of the plastic straw once and for all, and Join the Cause with OkStraw’s Paper Spoon Straws!

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