Norwalk, Connecticut to Restrict Plastic Straws

The city council in Norwalk, Connecticut is about to take a big step in the battle against plastic waste with an incoming ordinance. When it takes effect, the ordinance will ban plastic stirrers, and restrict plastic straws. Soon, Norwalk restaurants can only give patrons plastic straws upon request.


Citing the need to protect the environment, Norwalk’s city council has been drafting the ordinance for the last few months. During that time, the city council heard concerns from numerous residents and advocates, and wrote the bill carefully. At OkStraw Paper Straws, we’re excited to see more cities ditch plastic straws, and embrace sustainability.

Norwalk's City Council will vote on the plastic straw and stirrer law.
Norwalk has already banned polystyrene and plastic bags.

Norwalk Goes Plastic Free

Not only will the bill affect plastic straws, but also ban plastic drink stirrers. Though they get less attention than plastic straws, plastic stirrers still hurt marine animals, and they don’t get recycled. Most of all, compostable wood stirrers and paper straws are readily available, so we don’t need plastic stirrers. By banning this completely unnecessary item, OkStraw Paper Straws believes Norwalk is doing the right thing.


Norwalk’s plastic straw and stirrer law isn’t the first anti-plastic ordinance the city passed. On September 11th, Norwalk outlawed polystyrene items, and on July 8th, the city’s plastic bag ban took effect. Norwalk’s polystyrene ban will take effect on the same day as the plastic straw and stirrer law, Earth Day, 2020. At OkStraw Paper Straws, we are thrilled to see Norwalk take such a comprehensive approach to ending plastic waste. 

Norwalk's Residents on Plastic Straws

So far, Norwalk’s plastic straw and stirrer ordinance has the support from local environmental advocates. Among them is Betty Ball, founder ofSkip the Plastic Norwalk. Speaking firsthand, Ball cited how many plastic straws and stirrers her group picked up in citywide cleanups. At OkStraw Paper Straw, we this story is all-too familiar to us. Plastic straws are often thrown away without thought, where they pollute the environment, and harm marine animals. 


One of the few objections to banning plastic straws outright has been disability rights concerns. For many people with disability access needs, plastic bendy straws are a necessity. After hearing from disability rights advocates, Norwalk’s city council will all people to receive plastic straws on request. While this means Norwalk will stop short of banning plastic straws, they will be ADA compliant. 

Bendy straws are necessary for many people with disabilities.

Paper Straws for Norwalk

While Norwalk wants to ditch plastic straws, being ADA compliant means allowing people access to bendy plastic straws. Bendiness was the last bastion of the plastic straw, but thanks to OkStraw’s Bendy Paper Straws, the tides are turning. That’s because our ADA-compliant Bendy Paper Straws solve the flexibility and strength issues that plagued lesser paper straws. 

With OkStraw Paper Bendy Straws, plastic bendy straws are obsolete. This means cities like Norwalk can fully ban plastic straws, while also complying with the ADA. With each new ban, the market for biodegradable paper straws is growing day by day. With offerings like Boba Tea Paper Straws, Spoon Paper Straws, and any custom print you want, OkStraw makes them all. So folks of Norwalk, ditch the plastic, help the planet, and Join the Cause for Paper Straws!