New Tiki Bar Paper Straws from OkStraw Paper Straws

Heading out to a Tiki Bar, or throwing your Luau for friends and family? How about whipping up a big drink and share the fun. OkStraw Paper Straws is excited to present our new Tiki Paper Bar Straws, our most incredible feat in paper straw design yet! 

What’s so incredible about our tiki paper straws? How does 21 inches sound? Yes, that’s right, 21 inches! “Impossible!”, you’ll say. “There’s no way you can make a 21 inch paper straw that works!”. Well forget what you thought about paper straws being fragile, because OkStraw has made the impossible a reality.

How did we manage to make an 8mm 21-inch Tiki paper straw that won’t snap in half or fall apart? Well, that’s top secret, classified information. Well, kind of top secret, but here’s a hint: layering. Yes, we use our 4-ply paper straw technology. Making a paper straw out of 4-layers of foodgrade, organic kraft paper gives it both a more premium feel, and added strength.

Don’t think we skimped on lasting power with our 21-inch, 4-ply Tiki Bar Paper Straw, either. OkStraw’s Tiki Bar Paper Straw lasts just as long as its other 4-ply stablemates in the OkStraw catalog: 5 hours! No one wants to go to a Tiki Bar or a Luau and be in a rush to finish their drink. With OkStraw’s Tiki Paper Straws, you can relax, enjoy your favorite tropical drink, and hang loose.

Tiki Bar Paper Straws from OkStraw come in a variety of fun and tropical colors, and custom prints are available. If you’re shopping for extra long paper straws, then look no other place than OkStraw Paper Straws. Walk straight past those inferior cardboard-based long paper straws, and accept no less than our 4-ply Tiki Paper Straws.

Whether you own a Tiki Bar or are throwing a Luau, make sure you pick up some Tiki Bar Paper Straws from OkStraw. They’ll be the talk of the party, and you’ll do your part to fight plastic ocean waste. So join the Cause for Paper Straws, and share your favorite tropical drink with OkStraw’s Tiki Paper Straws.

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