How Paper Straws Help Fight Climate Change

You’ve seen it all over the news, the world’s on strike to fight climate change! People from all walks of life on every inhabited continent are demanding true action to save our planet. We need renewable energy, no plastic waste, and polluting corporations held accountable. At OkStraw Paper Straws, we know the damage plastic companies cause, and we’re here to disrupt the industry.


“But what do paper straws have to do with climate change?” you may ask. Most of us know how harmful plastic waste is to our planet. Breaking down into microscopic pieces, plastic contaminates water, and soil. Marine animals often mistakenly eat plastic, risking serious injuries or death. Plastic waste is literally everywhere on our planet, and it’s a clear and present danger to everyone.


Plastic Waste and Climate Change

Byproducts of plastics are just a threat to our oceans and our bodies, however, they’re also fueling climate change. According to the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL), the plastics industry is the second largest and fastest growing contributor to greenhouse emissions. In order to make plastic, companies have to extract fossil fuels, and burn them, emitting large amounts of carbon.


Unless we quit using plastic, CIEL estimates that by 2050, plastic production will account for 13% of Earth’s “carbon budget”. In order words, the carbon budget is how much carbon humans can produce before we cause uncontrollable climate change. Incidentally, 2050 is also the year scientists predict that there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish. 


Paper Straws for Sustainability

It should be clear by now that cutting out plastic straws isn’t just some “feel-good” token gesture, it’s part of fighting climate change. However, you might ask: “but you use paper, and doesn’t that mean less trees to absorb carbon?”. That depends on how a company sources its paper. Some companies slash and burn irreplaceable forests, like what’s happening to the Amazon, which damages our climate. 

At OkStraw Paper Straws, this is something we never practice nor condone. We source all wood for our paper straws from a sustainably-managed forest. That means when we fell a tree, we replace it with 4 trees; we don’t deforest for profit. As a result, OkStraw Paper Straws is compliant with both the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI). 

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Time's Up for Plastic Straws

As with our kraft paper, OkStaw takes no shortcuts with our materials. We only use organic food dyes and glue in our biodegradable and compostable paper straws. Once an OkStraw Paper Straw reaches the end of its life, it returns to nature. This is something plastic straws will never do…well at least not for the next 1000 years. So what do paper straws have to do with climate change? The answer should be clear by now: everything.


At OkStraw, we know even thing as small as a paper straws are still part of a bigger picture. That bigger picture is sustainable environmental stewardship, respect for the planet, and moving away from fossil fuel-based resources. In this globalized age, every item, no matter how small, makes an impact far bigger than you’d ever think. OkStraw’s paper straws are here to end plastic straws’ reign of terror for good, and help repair our climate.