OkStraw Paper Straws – Let’s End Single-use Plastics Together

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Join the cause paper straws

8 x 197mm
(0.31″ x 7.75″)

Giant Straws: When the Plot Thickens

In most drinks, 6mm Jumbo Cocktail straws serve their purpose with ease. What happens, however, when drinks get thicker and more viscous?

That’s where OkStraw’s Giant Straws come in. With their 8mm width, Giant Straws are well suited to thicker drinks like fresh squeezed juices and smoothies. While wider in diameter, Giant Straws are still highly durable, and won’t collapse under the pressure of heavier liquids. If you regularly prepare or serve smoothies or juices with high pulp concentration, then OkStraw Giant Straws are your go-to choice. Giant Long Straws are also useful for extra tall glasses, or larger capacity to-go drinks cups.