Eco-Friendly Restaurant Supplies Vs Plastics

In-Dining Restaurants Face Second Shutdown

Restaurants with in-dining operations currently face a second shut down.  This is despite still grappling with the first wave of COVID spread.  States such as Texas, Florida, and California re-opened in-dining restaurants too quickly.  In fact, they ignored the CDC’s re-opening guidelines all together.  As a result, Sunbelt hospitals are filling up.  Ultimately, in-dining restaurants will now pivot back to delivery, until infection rates slow.  Unfortunately, now restaurant re-opens will use more plastics for delivery orders.  Luckily, Go Green Disposables offers Eco-Friendly Restaurant Supplies for restaurant re-opens.

Food Delivery & Take Out Operations Define Restaurant Re-Opens

As restaurants re-open in the US a “throw-away culture” is inflamed by the Corona Virus.  The service industry is leaning heavily on single-use plastics for to go orders. As profits dip, operations are using plastic based take-out & delivery programs.  Undoubtedly, plastics provide for the cheapest products.  Indeed, owners cite the higher costs of goods as the barrier from using eco-friendly restaurant supplies.  But the real price is paid over time with plastic pollution.  Nevertheless, the Corona economy demands a shift in thinking about how restaurants re-open.  Packing people indoors for dinner is no longer an option. Delivery and take-out options are the new foreseeable future for any restaurant re-opening.

The Fight Against Plastics in Food Delivery

Food Delivery uses alot of plastics.  Plastic bags hold the meal.  Bio-plastic forks are used on the meal.  PLA containers protect the meal in transit.  Owners acknowledge the thin line they walk when using so much plastic.  Using plastic bags, cutlery and cups discourages consumers from buying brands.  But, can you afford to remain open, if you purchase expensive eco-products?  Go Green Disposables supports restaurant re-open’s with eco-friendly food delivery supplies.

Go Green Disposables is more than Paper Straws…

Are you going through a restaurant re-open? Go Green Disposables operates in partnership with OkStraw Paper Straws. We offer eco-friendly restaurant supplies.  Business owners who trust us with paper straws, can now shop for more. Our portfolio of eco-friendly restaurant supplies includes, Paper To-Go Boxes, PLA cutlery, Pizza Boxes, Paper Plates, Cups and Oyster Boxes.  Complete your guest’s dining experience by going green with sustainable products.  Eco-friendly restaurant supplies are our specialty.  So call or email to learn more about our factory direct pricing today.

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