DFW Airport to Phase Out Plastic Straws

Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport just announced that it will no longer offer plastic straws at its facilities. As a result, DFW will cut out 4 million plastic straws, or two tons, per year. At OkStraw Paper Straws, we are excited to hear this move to eradicate harmful plastic straws, and turn to eco-friendly solutions. 

This is big news for introducing more people to eco-friendly solutions like paper straws. DFW is America’s fourth busiest airport, seeing 63 million passengers pass through its gates every year. With more cities, facilities and companies passing bans, the wave against plastic straws is more unstoppable than ever. 

Restaurants at DFW must switch to plastic straw alternatives.

DFW the Newest Sustainable Airport

Under DFW’s new policy, and vendors and restaurants must go strawless, or offer alternatives like paper straws. The airport won’t fine violators, however, nor will they set a deadline. Nevertheless, DFW will install 6,000 signs throughout the airport to warn passengers about this change. This won’t be a problem, though, because we at OkStraw believe that as more people use eco-friendly paper straws, they won’t miss plastic.

DFW’s spokesperson Cynthia Vega said that most of the airport’s food and beverage vendors are happy to ditch plastic straws. Furthermore, Vega remarked that DFW will encourage vendors to offer naturally compostable alternatives like paper straws on request. With 63 million passengers passing through its terminals, DFW will be a global ambassador for switching paper straws. As Californians, we at OkStraw can’t believe the Lone Star State beat us in ditching plastic straws at airports!

Working Toward Ending Plastic Straws

This change didn’t happen suddenly, as DFW notified vendors beforehand, and helped them find eco-friendly paper straw providers. While DFW will phase out plastic straws, passengers with disabilities will still be able to get them. Furthermore, the plastic straw ban will not extend to airlines operating at DFW, though American Airlines phased out plastic straws.

DFW isn’t the first airport to ditch plastic straws. Earlier this year, Dubai Airports in the UAE announced that they will discontinue plastic straws. Dubai’s airports are the busiest in the world, with 88 million people passing through them in 2018 alone. Although DFW is far less busy than Dubai, this is still a huge step toward ending plastic straws.

American Airlines has ditched plastic straws

Paper Straws for the Future DFW

At OkStraw Paper Straws, we believe DFW’s switch away from plastic straws will have a global impact. Because people from around the world pass through them every day, airports carry ideas and experiences across thousands of miles. Every person who uses a paper straw at DFW will have a new experience to bring home. As more people hear about these experiences, they will want to learn how switching to biodegradable straws helps the planet. 


OkStraw is a San Diego-based manufacturer and vendor, offering premium biodegradable paper straws at unbeatable prices. Thanks to our advanced R&D, we have paper straws to suit any drink, including slushies, tiki drinks, boba tea, with custom print options. On top of that, all OkStraw paper straws are certified organic, compostable, and are hypoallegenic we never take shortcuts. So next time you fly into DFW, remember to ditch the plastic, and join the Cause for Paper Straws!