Custom Print Paper Straws from OkStraw

So the time is finally here. You’re finally making the switch to paper straws, you’re ready to save a ton of sea turtles, but you just hit a snag. Normal offerings don’t work for you, and you want your own custom print paper straw instead. You want your customers to know you’re plastic straw-free, and you want to make a statement. Or maybe you want a special theme or your own custom logo on your branded paper straws. 

That’s where OkStraw comes in with our Custom Print Paper Straws. We offer limitless combinations of colors, design options, and paper straw designs to specify. OkStraw is truly your one-stop shop for your own personal custom print and branded paper straws. 

A Rainbow of Colors

Not all custom print and branded paper straws are created equal. OkStraw Paper Straws uses the CMYK color model for our custom printed paper straws. CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and key, or black. By using black color plates, OkStraw’s custom print paper straws have a richer color tone, and a wider range of colors than our competitors.


Using black color plates also gives OkStraw Paper Straw’s custom straws a much wider color palette. Choose 3 from a total of 1876 Pantone Colors, and we’ll print your custom color wave. If you want one solid color for your paper straws instead, then just specify which one you want, and OkStraw will make it.

Logos and Prints to your Heart's Content

Not only does OkStraw offer a full palette of colors to choose from, but also an infinite number of designs. Our standard design is the classic spiral Striped Paper Straw, akin to a barber pole, but you can specify horizontal striping instead. OkStraw also offers repeating patterns on our paper straws, like with our Bamboo Print Boba Straws.


If stripes aren’t your cup of tea, then OkStraw can make your company’s custom logo paper straws, instead. Branded napkins, paper plates and paper cups are all ways you can get your brand identity out, so branded paper straws just make sense. Just email your designs to our team, and we’ll work with you to create your customized paper straw. We can also print custom texts or messages on our paper straws, perfect for special events, when you really want to get the word out.

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Custom Prints Made Easier

Best of all, custom prints and branded logos are available on ALL OkStraw paper straw models. This includes our standard Jumbo Cocktail Straws, Boba and Bubble Tea Paper Straws, Bendy Paper Straws and Paper Spoon Straws. Because we manufacture our own paper straws, we offer a 3-week lead time from our factory to your door. Free delivery sweetens the deal, too!

OkStraw Paper Straws are certified compostable, and we only use organic foodgrade kraft paper, food coloring and glues. We don’t take shortcuts, and we never compromise our commitment to making biodegradable products. So when you want your signature design, company logo or color wave, go with OkStraw, and join the Cause for Custom Print and Branded Paper Straws!

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