OkStraw Paper Straws at the 2019 Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show

We'll be at the Florida Restaurant Show

OkStraw Paper Straws is excited to announce we will be exhibiting at the 2019 Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show, from September 15-19. The Show will be at the Orange County Convention Center, in Orlando. OkStraw Paper Straws will be at Booth 2036, at Coffee Fest Marketplace section

Come meet us, and try our premium, unmatched strength paper straws. Florida’s restaurant and hospitality industry is worth 114 billion dollars, with 1.4 million employees. OkStraw Paper Straws can’t wait to meet the folks from Florida’s robust, innovative and diverse industry.

4-Ply Action for Orlando

OkStraw will present our latest line of high strength, versatile paper straws. We will have our 4-ply boba and bubble tea paper straws. Boba Tea Paper Straws need to be strong enough to pierce covers on cups, but wide enough for the pearls to pass through. OkStraw 4-ply Boba Tea Paper Straws breeze past these needs, and are good for at least 5 hours in your drink. 

Slushies are a Florida favorite, and OkStraw has you covered for your paper straw needs. Our 4-ply paper spoon straws offer unrivaled performance for your slushee, and last at least 5 hours. On top of our new 4-ply Boba Tea and Spoon paper straws, OkStraw will present our Bendy Paper Straws. They’re ADA-compliant, and feature our 4-ply technology and 5-hour longevity. OkStraw Bendy Paper Straws are truly a game changer for people with disability needs.

Paper Straws for the Sunshine State

All OkStraw Paper Straws are certified compostable, and we only use organic food grade paper, glue and colors. Our paper straws contain no plastic or wax coatings, chemical strengtheners or harmful dyes. All OkStraw Paper Straws are available in custom print, so there will always be a straw for your business.

OkStraw paper straws are compliant with Orlando’s new ban on plastic straws in theme parks, as well as bans in Key West, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Gables, Hallendale Beach and Miami Beach. Paper straw demand in Florida is hot, and OkStraw is here for your restaurant and hospitality supply needs.  

Drop by Booth 2036

So when you’re at the 2019 Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show, drop by and meet us at OkStraw Paper Straws. With more plastic straw bans are rolling out in Florida, the forecast shows hot and sunny market for paper straws. 

Now’s a better time than ever to say no to plastic straws, and set a new sustainable industry standard for Florida. With premium quality paper straws at unmatched price points, you won’t find a better brand than OkStraw. So get ready for the show, Florida, come visit OkStraw, and join the Cause for Paper Straws!

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The History of Paper Straw Producers

So you’re shopping for paper straws, and you think “why didn’t anyone think of inventing this before”? Well they did, as a matter of fact. The paper straws are nothing new; they have a long history, are they are making their well-deserved comeback. Straws came in all sizes and materials, serving both nobility and humble folk. So sit back, grab a drink and let OkStraw take you on a brief journey through the amazing history of the paper straw and its siblings.


The Sumerians used straws to drink their brewed beverages

Straws Fit for Kings

You may think drinking straws are a more recent invention, but their history goes back much farther. Ancient Sumerians used straws for drinking their beer, and the royals even used straws befitting their status. Archaeologists discovered a 5,000 year-old jeweled gold straw in a Sumerian tomb, a far cry from the humble paper straw. While Sumerian weren’t  paper straw producers, they created the idea that led to its invention.

Not all straws were meant for Mesopotamian kings, however. For hundreds of years, South Americans used metal straws called bombillas for drinking mate (pronounced Mah-tay). Mate is a tea that requires a filter on a straw to separate the brewed leaves from the drink. Wealthy people used silver bombillas, while more modest people used hollowed out canes for straws. South American societies weren’t paper straw producers, but they had the innovative idea of using biodegradable materials.

Enter the Paper Straw

Spanning from Mesopotamia to South America, the drinking straw has an international history. The paper straw’s story, however, is distinctly American. During the 1800s, people used rye grass straws, but this straw had its share of problems. Rye straws became mushy easily, and it had a habit of making drinks grassy tasting. American inventor Marvin C. Stone noticed this taste problem while drinking his mint julep through a rye straw on a hot day. Unsatisfied, Stone set out to make a better drinking straw.

Marvin C. Stone wound strips paper around a pencil to make a tube, removed the pencil, and glued the strips together. The result was the world’s first paper straw. Stone later applied a wax coating to his paper straws, so they would hold together in case the glue dissolved. Stone patented his paper straw in 1888, and with it, he became the first paper straw producer.

paper straw inventor
Marvin C. Stone, Father of the Paper Straw

The Burdensome Plastic Straw

Mr. Stone’s wax-coated paper straws were soon a hit in America, and became a household and restaurant staple. Soon after World War II ended, however, paper straws faced a new challenger. With more companies turning to fossil fuels, plastic straws quickly caught on. Cheaper for companies to mass produce, plastic straws eventually replaced paper straws by the 1960s. Soon after, the number of paper straw producers dwindled. While cheaper to make than paper straws, plastic straws caused a slew of serious new problems.


While plastic straws are supposed be reusable, most people throw them away after only using them one. Plastic straws easily wind up in rivers and oceans, where marine animals get injured or killed after mistakenly eating them. Switching from paper straws to plastic straws was cheaper, but it brought a devastating cost to marine animals. 

Paper Straws from the Past, for the Future

Fast forward to today, and the tide is finally turning against harmful single-use plastic straws. More people are outraged by the harm plastic straws cause, and more cities, towns, states are banning them. Once the king of straws, the paper straw is finally making its triumphant comeback, and it’s stronger and better than ever. What held back Marvin C. Stone’s paper straws were unfortunately technological shortcomings. The glues at the time couldn’t stand up to drinks, and his machines could only make thin straws. 

Thanks to new innovations, however, paper straw producers like OkStraw can make paper straws with no wax, and in different sizes and shapes. Once only possible with plastic, you can now buy slushie paper spoon straws, pointed boba tea paper straws, and even bendy paper straws. OkStraw combines organic, compostable ingredients with cutting edge technology that would make Mr. Stone proud. 

3-Ply vs 4-Ply Paper Straws

So you’re browsing OkStraw’s Website, and you’re about to place an order, but analysis paralysis suddenly strikes! “Do I go for 3-ply or 4-ply paper straws”?, you ask yourself. “What’s the difference, and which one is best for me?”. 

Luckily, OkStraw is here to guide you through the buying process, and help determine whether 4-ply or 3-ply paper straws are best for you. Whichever ply you buy, rest assured, you are getting a fantastic paper straw from OkStraw.

3 is a Magic Number

3-ply paper straws are standard for the industry, and like the name suggests, use 3 layers of paper. While they are par in thickness, OkStraw’s 3-ply paper straws stand out among the crowd. We make our 3-ply straws from sturdy, organic kraft paper and glues, lasting 3 hours in most drinks.

If you want a great balance between affordability and strength, then 3-ply paper straws are a great choice. 3-plies do the job for fountain drinks, iced tea, iced coffee, juices, and even smoothies. If you’re making the switch from plastic to paper straws, then 3-ply is a great entry.

The Strength of 4

If you like 3-ply paper straws, but you want to take things up to the next level, then choose 4-plies. Made from 4 layers of paper instead of 3, OkStraw’s 4-ply paper straws are 33 percent thicker. So our 4-plies should be 1/3 stronger than 3-plies, then, right? Oh, much more than that. In fact, OkStraw’s 4-ply paper straws are rated to last at least 5 hours in most drinks, compared to 3 hours from the 3-plies. That’s a 66 percent increase!

Because they are so much stronger, OkStraw premium 4-ply paper straws boast excellent versatility. We can cut and shape our 4-ply straws into bendy paper straws, diagonal cut boba paper straws, 20-inch tiki straws, and even paper spoon straws for slushees. With superior strength and thickness, the possibilities are limitless. If you want unparalleled performance or serve drinks that call for a tough straw, then OkStraw 4-ply Paper Straws are the way to go.

The Choice is Yours

To sum it up, Okstraw 3-ply paper straws are a great mix between strength and affordability, and work well with juices, tea, coffee and fountain drinks. 4-plies are best for longevity, and for more demanding drinks like milkshakes, boba teas, and slushies. Of course, both are certified compostable, and custom prints are available.

Whether you choose 3-ply or 4-ply, you get industry-leading paper straws at highly competitive prices from OkStraw. With choice in design, size, and strength, you can truly find a paper straw to make your own. So kick back, grab a drink, and join the Cause for Paper Straws!


Custom Print Paper Straws from OkStraw

So the time is finally here. You’re finally making the switch to paper straws, you’re ready to save a ton of sea turtles, but you just hit a snag. Normal offerings don’t work for you, and you want your own custom print paper straw instead. You want your customers to know you’re plastic straw-free, and you want to make a statement. Or maybe you want a special theme or your own custom logo on your branded paper straws. 

That’s where OkStraw comes in with our Custom Print Paper Straws. We offer limitless combinations of colors, design options, and paper straw designs to specify. OkStraw is truly your one-stop shop for your own personal custom print and branded paper straws. 

A Rainbow of Colors

Not all custom print and branded paper straws are created equal. OkStraw Paper Straws uses the CMYK color model for our custom printed paper straws. CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and key, or black. By using black color plates, OkStraw’s custom print paper straws have a richer color tone, and a wider range of colors than our competitors.


Using black color plates also gives OkStraw Paper Straw’s custom straws a much wider color palette. Choose 3 from a total of 1876 Pantone Colors, and we’ll print your custom color wave. If you want one solid color for your paper straws instead, then just specify which one you want, and OkStraw will make it.

Logos and Prints to your Heart's Content

Not only does OkStraw offer a full palette of colors to choose from, but also an infinite number of designs. Our standard design is the classic spiral Striped Paper Straw, akin to a barber pole, but you can specify horizontal striping instead. OkStraw also offers repeating patterns on our paper straws, like with our Bamboo Print Boba Straws.


If stripes aren’t your cup of tea, then OkStraw can make your company’s custom logo paper straws, instead. Branded napkins, paper plates and paper cups are all ways you can get your brand identity out, so branded paper straws just make sense. Just email your designs to our team, and we’ll work with you to create your customized paper straw. We can also print custom texts or messages on our paper straws, perfect for special events, when you really want to get the word out.

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Custom Prints Made Easier

Best of all, custom prints and branded logos are available on ALL OkStraw paper straw models. This includes our standard Jumbo Cocktail Straws, Boba and Bubble Tea Paper Straws, Bendy Paper Straws and Paper Spoon Straws. Because we manufacture our own paper straws, we offer a 3-week lead time from our factory to your door. Free delivery sweetens the deal, too!

OkStraw Paper Straws are certified compostable, and we only use organic foodgrade kraft paper, food coloring and glues. We don’t take shortcuts, and we never compromise our commitment to making biodegradable products. So when you want your signature design, company logo or color wave, go with OkStraw, and join the Cause for Custom Print and Branded Paper Straws!

Request More Information about Custom Print Paper Straws

Custom Print

    Do you need a paper wrap to cover each individual paper straws?
  • Please describe the size/type of custom print paper straws you are looking for a price quote on. Contact sales@okstraw.com or call 866.939.3227 if you need any help.
  • If you have a picture design file of the logo or custom printing you are looking to have made, please attach here.
    Drop files here or

Paper Spoon Straws from OkStraw Slurp Up the Competition

Summer’s in full swing, and the days just seem to get hotter and hotter. Thinking of picking up a slushie to cool off? Well go right past that plastic straw, and get yourself a spoon straw from OkStraw Paper Straws! 


OkStraw Paper Spoon Straws are the newest offering, and they’re like no other plastic-free spoon straw you’ve tried. Tough, durable, and long lasting, these Paper Spoon Straws truly deserve to be the new member of the OkStraw family.

Time's Up, Plastic Straw!

Slushees were the invention of Omar Knedlik and The ICEE Company in the 1950s. A half-frozen soda, the slushee was and is a hit today. Making a straw that works with a slurpee is tough, though. Because they are made of slushed ice, you need a special straw with a spoon-shaped end to stir this beverage, and keep the flavors mixed. 

Until now, plastic spoon straws were the only single-use straws that worked well. Spoon paper straws didn’t work well enough because they went soggy too fast, and the spoon became floppy. OkStraw Paper Spoon straws solve this problem, and with it, the plastic spoon straw’s days are numbered.

Unparalleled Performance

How does OkStraw make its spoon straws so tough in such a demanding drink like a slushee? The secret comes down to layers and shapes. Spoon paper straws from OkStraw are made from 4 layers of paper. This gives the straws extra thickness, rigidity and staying power. In fact, OkStraw Paper Spoon Straws are rated to last 5 hours in a slushee! 


Perfecting the tips of our Paper Spoon Straws was no easy task, but the results speak for themselves. No more flimsy or floppy spoon ends, and no more rushing to finish your slurpee before the straw gives up the go. It’s safe to say that OkStraw won the war on brain freeze with these spoon paper straws. 

okstraw paper straws certifications and sustainability fda food and drug administration sgs fsc forest stewardship council bfr

Spoon Straws Any Way You Want

OkStraw Paper Spoon Straws come in two different diameters: 6mm, and 8mm for thicker slushees. Solid colors and stripes are available, as well. Of course, custom prints are available for OkStraw Paper Spoon Straws. Show us the logo or graphic you want, and we’ll make your custom print spoon straws in a jiffy.

For too long, the plastic spoon straw held slurpees in its grasp, but it’s all over. OkStraw’s Paper Spoon Straws deliver a crushing blow to plastic spoon straws, and slurp up the competition. Defeat the menace of the plastic straw once and for all, and Join the Cause with OkStraw’s Paper Spoon Straws!

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Spoon Paper Straws

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Bendy Paper Straws from OkStraw are a Game Changer

Paper Straws for Inclusiveness

The Cause for Paper Straws is coming to cities across the US, with more plastic straw bans taking effect. Unfortunately, the cause wasn’t always inclusive for everyone. People with disabilities were left out, because they still had to use plastic straws. 

Many people with disabilities needed plastic bendy straws, because there wasn’t a paper straw good enough for them. Until now, that is, because OkStraw is excited to present our brand new ADA-compliant Bendy Paper Straw. With OkStraw’s Bendy Paper Straw, people with disabilities no longer need to worry about not having a straw that works for them.

Request more information about our U-Shaped Bendable Paper Straws

U-Shaped Straws

The Bendy Straw to Rule Them All

OkStraw’s Bendy Paper Straws are a game changer for people with disabilities, because they work! Seriously, finding a suitable paper bendy straw for people with disabilities is daunting. Most bendy paper straws either do not flex enough, or they fall apart. Not OkStraw’s Bendy Paper Straws, though, because they balance strength with flexibility.

At OkStraw Paper Straws, we applied all of our previous knowledge designing and making paper straws. Making an ADA-compliant bendy paper straw was no easy task, but we are proud of our achievement. The plastic’s straws days were running out fast, and with OkStraw Paper Bendy Straws, it’s game over!

Flexibility in More Ways than One

OkStraw Bendy Paper Straws are compatible with different types of Tetra Pak-type cartons. Eco-friendly, portable drinks now have paper bendy straws to go with them. OkStraw Bendy Paper Straws are also available with paper wrapping. Our goal was to be plastic-free, and our Bendy Paper Straws are a slam dunk.  

OkStraw Paper Bendy Straws come in a variety of colors patterns, and custom print options. Show us the logo you want, and we’ll put them on the straws. OkStraw’s Bendy Paper Straws are truly the full package. Come join the Cause with OkStraw’s new Paper Bendy Straws!

Request more information about our U-Shaped Bendable Paper Straws

U-Shaped Straws

New Tiki Bar Paper Straws from OkStraw Paper Straws

Heading out to a Tiki Bar, or throwing your Luau for friends and family? How about whipping up a big drink and share the fun. OkStraw Paper Straws is excited to present our new Tiki Paper Bar Straws, our most incredible feat in paper straw design yet! 

What’s so incredible about our tiki paper straws? How does 21 inches sound? Yes, that’s right, 21 inches! “Impossible!”, you’ll say. “There’s no way you can make a 21 inch paper straw that works!”. Well forget what you thought about paper straws being fragile, because OkStraw has made the impossible a reality.

How did we manage to make an 8mm 21-inch Tiki paper straw that won’t snap in half or fall apart? Well, that’s top secret, classified information. Well, kind of top secret, but here’s a hint: layering. Yes, we use our 4-ply paper straw technology. Making a paper straw out of 4-layers of foodgrade, organic kraft paper gives it both a more premium feel, and added strength.


Don’t think we skimped on lasting power with our 21-inch, 4-ply Tiki Bar Paper Straw, either. OkStraw’s Tiki Bar Paper Straw lasts just as long as its other 4-ply stablemates in the OkStraw catalog: 5 hours! No one wants to go to a Tiki Bar or a Luau and be in a rush to finish their drink. With OkStraw’s Tiki Paper Straws, you can relax, enjoy your favorite tropical drink, and hang loose.

Tiki Bar Paper Straws from OkStraw come in a variety of fun and tropical colors, and custom prints are available. If you’re shopping for extra long paper straws, then look no other place than OkStraw Paper Straws. Walk straight past those inferior cardboard-based long paper straws, and accept no less than our 4-ply Tiki Paper Straws.


Whether you own a Tiki Bar or are throwing a Luau, make sure you pick up some Tiki Bar Paper Straws from OkStraw. They’ll be the talk of the party, and you’ll do your part to fight plastic ocean waste. So join the Cause for Paper Straws, and share your favorite tropical drink with OkStraw’s Tiki Paper Straws.

LRA Expo 2019

OkStraw Paper Straws is excited to announce that it will be exhibiting at the Louisiana Restaurants Association (LRA) EXPO 2019, located at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center, from August 3rd through the 5th. Attendees can find us at Booth 1107. 

We at OkStraw are proud to showcase the newest offerings in our ever-growing range of paper straws. Among these newest items are our 4-ply boba tea paper straws and 4-ply spoon paper straws. These new 4-ply paper straws are the toughest and most durable yet, and are a sure to be a hit among customers.

The Louisiana Restaurants Association EXPO is the biggest and most attended restaurant and hospitality trade show of its kind in the region, where business owners and representatives restaurant and hospitality establishments from across the U.S. will convene. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet exhibitors face-to-face, and forge new partnerships.

LRA was founded in 1946 to advocate for Louisiana’s restaurant and food service businesses among elected officials, and since then the organization carries a reputation as a peer leader among other states’ organizations. LRA today has 9 chapters across the State of Louisiana, with thousands of businesses as members.


With more states and cities placing bans on single-use plastic straws, the demand for high quality paper straws at wholesale restaurant pricing has never been greater.

LRA EXPO 2019 will be OkStraw’s debut at the event, but it most certainly will not be our last. With more states and cities placing bans on single-use plastic straws, the demand for high quality paper straws at restaurant wholesale pricing has never been greater. OkStraw has previously exhibited at the 2019 International Restaurant and Foodservice Show of New York, and the 2019 International Restaurant Association Show in Chicago.

We at OkStraw are excited to build rapport with owners and representatives of restaurants, hotels and cafes from across the country. With competitive wholesale paper straw deals and custom designs available to suit your establishment’s needs, we are here to deliver service as strong as our straws. 

OkStraw Paper Straws: Why Choose Us?

The paper straw market is on fire, with many new companies grabbing for a piece of the pie. With so many competing options in this booming, you might be overwhelmed. Are all paper straws the same? What should I look for in a quality paper straw? Do materials matter? And how do I know I am getting a good deal? 

At OkStraw, we take the guessing work out, and streamline this buying process. OkStraw offers a wide selection of quality products, and a quick and responsive team to walk you through the buying process. At OkStraw, we strive to provide service as strong as our paper straws.

We at OkStraw Paper Straws take no shortcuts with our straws. Some competitors manufacture their paper straws with low-grade cardboard, but we make our paper straws multiple layers of high-weight paper. This manufacturing gives our paper straws a more durable design that will not snap in half or pinch shut. We know that first impressions can change people’s opinions about paper straws forever.


OkStraw’s paper straws are available in both 3-ply and 4-ply thickness. Our 3-ply option is ideal for customers seeking a balance of strength and economy. 3-ply is the industry standard, but thanks to our manufacturing, OkStraw’s 3-plies have superior strength. 4-ply paper straws from OkStraw are our premium option, offering unparalleled performance. In fact, OkStraw’s 4-ply paper straws are rated to last over 5 hours while submerged in drinks. When you buy an paper straw from OkStraw, you buy a product that punches way above its pricepoint.


OkStraw’s 4-ply paper straws are rated to last over 5 hours while submerged in drinks.

We at OkStraw make our paper straws from biodegradable, organic kraft paper, oils and glues. We don’t use wax or chemicals that could prevent our straws from composting properly. We will never compromise our sustainability pledge in the name of cost cutting. 

Making fully biodegradable but tough paper straws was no easy task, but we believe it was the only way. We source our paper from a sustainably managed forest, and we comply with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and Sustainable Forest Iniative (SFI). OkStraw also complies with FDA, EU and German BfF food safety regulations.

OkStraw designs and manufactures its own products.

Lastly, OkStraw designs and manufactures its own paper straws. This means that OkStraw clients have the choice of specifying custom designs, colors, graphics for their paper straws. Additionally, OkStraw clients have shorter lead times than they would with competitors. We can accomplish all of this because we do not outsource our production to third party manufacturers.

With more plastic straw bans coming, finding a sustainable, quality and affordable alternative can be overwhelming. Rest easy, however, OkStraw is here for your service, with custom options, durable straws, and sustainable manufacturing. OkStraw Paper Straws is here to deliver the finishing blow to plastic straws once and for all. 

Businesses in San Diego Moving Away from Single-Use Plastic Straws

The City of San Diego is putting the brakes on enforcing a new set of laws on single-use plastics, after being sued by the California Restaurant Association. Under the new laws, most restaurants will no longer be allowed to hand out plastic straws to customers, unless requested. In addition, all people and businesses within San Diego city limits will be prohibited from handing out polystyrene (Styrofoam) foodware items in buildings or at special events run by the City. This list of items includes takeout containers, foam egg cartons, and foam plates. The ban on polystyrene foodware was set to take effect on May 24th, and the restriction on straws was to begin on February 23rd.

High quality paper straws are an excellent sustainable alternative to single-use plastics.

Despite these laws being put on hold, businesses in San Diego are moving forward with their switch from single-use plastics straws to biodegradable alternatives, such as paper straws. Some of these local business owners are already acquainted with plastic straw bans.  Woodstock’s Pizza owners Laura Ambrose and her husband are have complied with local bans on plastic straws in other California cities, where they operate a number of restaurants. With more cities California banning or restricting single-use plastic straws, the demand for biodegradable paper straws has shot up dramatically. As a result, paper straw companies are struggling to keep up production, and deliver orders to their customers on time. 

The City of San Diego states on its website that these new restrictions on single-use plastic straws and polystyrene foodware are part of its Zero Waste goals. Volunteers in 2017 picked up more than 20,000 pieces of plastic from San Diego’s beaches, according to the non-profit Surfrider Foundation. The Surfrider Foundation states that single-use plastic straws are one of the most frequently picked up items during beach cleanups. Because they are small and flimsy, most plastic straws are difficult if not impossible to recycle. These plastic straws can enter the ocean, where they pose a serious threat to marine animals. Turtles, birds and fish often ingest plastic straws by mistake, causing injury or death.

Although San Diego’s new single-use plastic straw ordinance has been put on hold, businesses in the city are nevertheless taking the steps to phase out this non-biodegradable item from their premises. With another major city in the US getting rid of single-use plastic straws and foodware, companies selling paper straws and eco-friendly takeout containers will be facing a bigger demand than ever before. As a renowned destination city for visitors from across the world, San Diego has the potential of making an impact far greater than the boundaries of its city limits.

New Challenges to San Francisco Restaurants Serving Boba Drinks

Shops and restaurants selling boba tea in San Francisco will soon face a new challenge to their businesses from a ban on plastic straws, passed in 2018 by the Board of Supervisors. Starting on July of 2019, shops violating this new ordinance will face fines ranging from 100 to 500 dollars with each offense. In order to stay in compliance, finding an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic straws will be crucial for shops selling boba tea. Boba tea is a Taiwanese drink seeing an increasing popularity in US cities, and consists of a sweet tea filled with large glutinous tapioca marbles. Boba tea straws must be wide enough to allow the tapioca balls to pass through them, while also being sturdy with a sharpened tip capable of punching through a film secured over the top of the drink, which prevents spilling. The challenge for San Francisco-based shops selling boba tea is finding a biodegradable alternative to single-use plastic straws that meets all of these requirements.

San Francisco will only permit non-plastic alternatives such as bamboo, metal, or paper straws. Plant-based PLA plastic straws will be prohibited in San Francisco, as although they can be readily recycled, they are too small to be caught and sorted by the city’s PLA composting facilities. PLA plastic is also not safe for the waters surrounding San Francisco, as the cold temperatures prevent the material from biodegrading, making PLA straws just as harmful to marine animals as normal plastic straws. Reusable metal and bamboo straws are an alternative, however they are far more expensive to buy than single-use straws, and many tourists visiting San Francisco may balk at the prospect of spending as much as two dollars or more in order to enjoy their drinks. With metal and bamboo straws an expensive and likely unappealing prospect, and single-use PLA straws not being an option for boba drinks, San Francisco business will likely navigate to paper straws as single-use biodegradable alternatives. 

There are a handful of paper straw companies that offer boba straws wide enough to be used, however many of these straws do not come with sharp angled tips capable of piercing the container tops, meaning shops selling boba tea will need to spend the time and laborious effort of cutting the tips of each straw themselves. Cost will also be a concern, with most paper boba straws on the market today costing up to 19 cents a piece, adding a greater business expense to San Francisco businesses purchasing large quantities to keep up with customer demand in a competitive business market with high rent costs. As many of these local stores are family owned with far less wealth than larger franchise businesses, they may have no other option than to place the price of these biodegradable straws on their patrons. For eco-friendly straw producers, the challenge will be to offer small businesses in San Francisco with a paper straw that not only has all the capabilities they expect from a boba straw, but can also be manufactured and sold at an affordable price.

National Restaurant Association show in Chicago, Illinois

Thanks for visiting us in Chicago!  

To show our thanks and to get our paper straws out to you, we are offering a huge discount for the next week only - Free shipping as well.    Buy 3 cases of our most popular paper straws, get the 4th case Free.  

Coupon Code: NRASHOW99

White Jumbo Unwrapped

Jumbo Cocktail – 6x197mm – 0.24″x7.75″
FREE SHIPPING in the Continental US

Black Jumbo Unwrapped

Jumbo Cocktail – 6x197mm – 0.24″x7.75″
FREE SHIPPING in the Continental US

Purchase any combination of 4 cases of our 5000 piece white or black jumbo paper straws and we'll give you 1 of the cases for free.
If you have any questions or need any assistance in ordering, please call (866)939-3227 or email sales@okstraw.com.

BOOTH #5068

National Restaurant Association show at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois

May 18th - 21st 2019

Come get free samples of our paper straws – available when you visit us at booth 5068 at the National Restaurant Association show at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

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