OkStraw Paper Straws - Let's End Single-use Plastics Together

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What are Cake Pops?

We’ve all heard of lollipops, and cake pops are similar. Instead of a hard candy on a stick, cake pops are made from bite-sized cakes. Many cake pops however use plastic sticks, which are contributing to plastic waste in our environment and oceans. That’s where OkStraw’s paper cake pop sticks come in. 

OkStraw cake pop sticks come in a variety of vibrant colors made from FDA-approved, eco-friendly dyes. Our cake pop sticks won’t melt, stain the cake pops, or fall apart easily. 


Can I use OkStraw cake pop sticks for other purposes?

Absolutely! Because our 6-inch cake pop sticks are so sturdy, you can use them for more than just enjoying bite-size cakes. They can be used with normal lollipops, baking, fruit candy, and even arts and crafts projects. With their tough design, sustainable use of materials, and versatile length, OkStraw cake pop sticks are your go-to multipurpose tool for confections.