Boba Guys Choose Bamboo Fiber Straws

San Francisco-based bubble tea company Boba Guys announced that they will use bamboo fiber straws at all their locations. With this announcement, Boba Guys are poised to lead the way in bubble tea sustainability. Although finding the right straw was no easy endeavor, Boba Guys’ efforts paid off.

We at OkStraw Paper Straws want to commend Boba Guys for choosing a sustainable alternative. After all, while our straws might be different, both OkStraw and Boba Guys lead the cause against plastic waste. We’re excited to see Boba Guys’ future of biodegradable straws.

The co-founders of Boba Guys
San Francisco Mayor London Breed (center) visits Boba Guys

For a Plastic-Free Future

Boba Guys’ quest that led to choosing bamboo fiber straws was the result of the founders’ principles, and local legislation. Boba Guys is based in San Francisco, placing them at the center of the new plastic straw ban. Additionally, with Bay Area cities banning plastic straws, ditching plastic across all their chains made perfect sense. 

Principle also drove Boba Guys’ switch to bamboo fiber straws. Boba Guys’ founders wanted to lead by example, and encourage people to switch away from plastic. With more individuals ditching plastic, the results will add up, and our planet can start healing. At OkStraw, we love reading about Boba Guys’ passion for inspiring others, and knowing we share the same convictions.

Why Choose Bamboo Fiber Straws?

With all the plastic straw alternatives out there, why did Boba Guys decide on bamboo fiber straws? According to one of the cofounders, Andrew, biodegradability was a key deciding factor. While many alternative straws are compostable, they aren’t always biodegradable.

While PLA straws are compostable, they don’t break down easily in the ocean, potentially harming marine animals. This is why San Francisco banned PLA straws, along with conventional plastic straws. Whereas bamboo fiber straws biodegrade easily, just like OkStraw’s paper straws. 

Along with being biodegradable, bamboo fiber straws are great performers. Boba Guys chose these straws because of their neutral flavor and toughness. In fact, high quality paper straws like OkStraw’s are the only true single-use competitors to bamboo fibers. OkStraw’s biodegradable paper straws are ocean safe, our 4-ply choices last 5 hours in drinks, and don’t flavor drinks.  

Bamboo Fiber vs Paper

Yes, bamboo fiber straws have one advantage over paper straws: hot temperature durability. Premium paper straws can hold up in warmer drinks, but bamboos are good for up to 212 degrees. On the contrary, paper straws are easier to dye and print on than bamboo, and they’re also cheaper. So while bamboo fiber straws are one color and lumpy, paper straws are any color you want, and are perfectly round.


We at OkStraw Paper Straws give our congratulations to Boba Guys for ditching plastic straws for good. While paper straws may suit a wider audience, bamboo fiber straws are an excellent biodegradable choice. Boba Guys are making a major investment, but the future dividends for our planet will be huge. So to all the businesses out there, ditch the plastic, start a trend, and join the Cause for Eco-Friendly Straws!