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OkStraw Offers Sustainable Restaurant Supply - 5 Hour Strong Paper Straws. 90 Day Biodegradability.

OkStraw Products are Planet Friendly & People Safe.

Preserve a clean future for our families

Join the cause for paper straws

Our Mission at OkStraw is to safeguard land and sea habitats by supplying global markets with a reliable, premium strength, paper straw. Today, ecosystems are under pressure from plastics and as a result, single-use plastic bans are sweeping the globe. Our land and marine compostable paper straws are 100% biodegradable in support of our environment. We believe in providing excellent customer service and affordable paper straws in order to encourage restaurants, bars, and cafes to end single-use plastics.
A perfect fit for your restaurant

Designed for durability

The high quality manufacturing process for our 4-Ply paper straws ensures these premium strength paper straws will last over 5 hours in your beverage – guaranteed!
We use an in-house mix of organic glues to bind our quadruple wrapped, food-grade paper straw together.

Simplicity in purchasing

Service as strong as our straws

Our factory pricing and superior product quality offers you the best value paper straws in the US market.  Additionally our customer support is as strong as our straws. OkStraw’s customer service team is located in Southern California – available by phone, email. Contact us at any point during the order cycle for Food & Safety certificates, quotes, and updates.

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