3-Ply vs 4-Ply Paper Straws

So you’re browsing OkStraw’s Website, and you’re about to place an order, but analysis paralysis suddenly strikes! “Do I go for 3-ply or 4-ply paper straws”?, you ask yourself. “What’s the difference, and which one is best for me?”. 

Luckily, OkStraw is here to guide you through the buying process, and help determine whether 4-ply or 3-ply paper straws are best for you. Whichever ply you buy, rest assured, you are getting a fantastic paper straw from OkStraw.

3 is a Magic Number

3-ply paper straws are standard for the industry, and like the name suggests, use 3 layers of paper. While they are par in thickness, OkStraw’s 3-ply paper straws stand out among the crowd. We make our 3-ply straws from sturdy, organic kraft paper and glues, lasting 3 hours in most drinks.

If you want a great balance between affordability and strength, then 3-ply paper straws are a great choice. 3-plies do the job for fountain drinks, iced tea, iced coffee, juices, and even smoothies. If you’re making the switch from plastic to paper straws, then 3-ply is a great entry.

The Strength of 4

If you like 3-ply paper straws, but you want to take things up to the next level, then choose 4-plies. Made from 4 layers of paper instead of 3, OkStraw’s 4-ply paper straws are 33 percent thicker. So our 4-plies should be 1/3 stronger than 3-plies, then, right? Oh, much more than that. In fact, OkStraw’s 4-ply paper straws are rated to last at least 5 hours in most drinks, compared to 3 hours from the 3-plies. That’s a 66 percent increase!

Because they are so much stronger, OkStraw premium 4-ply paper straws boast excellent versatility. We can cut and shape our 4-ply straws into bendy paper straws, diagonal cut boba paper straws, 20-inch tiki straws, and even paper spoon straws for slushees. With superior strength and thickness, the possibilities are limitless. If you want unparalleled performance or serve drinks that call for a tough straw, then OkStraw 4-ply Paper Straws are the way to go.

red stripe boba paper straws -the perfect paper straw for boba tea and bubble tea with a diagonal cut tip for piercing the top of boba tea and bubble tea lids.

The Choice is Yours

To sum it up, Okstraw 3-ply paper straws are a great mix between strength and affordability, and work well with juices, tea, coffee and fountain drinks. 4-plies are best for longevity, and for more demanding drinks like milkshakes, boba teas, and slushies. Of course, both are certified compostable, and custom prints are available.

Whether you choose 3-ply or 4-ply, you get industry-leading paper straws at highly competitive prices from OkStraw. With choice in design, size, and strength, you can truly find a paper straw to make your own. So kick back, grab a drink, and join the Cause for Paper Straws!

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