Plastics Ban & Paper Product Solutions

A German Plastics Ban Fights Climate Crisis

Germany is launching it’s newest initiative to combat the climate crisis – a ban on single use plastics. This German plastics ban focuses on curbing consumption of plastic straws, cutlery, cups and cotton swabs.  Also included in the German plastics ban are non-compostable to-go containers.

Confronting a Throw Away Culture

While the ban has a light footprint, it acknowledges a shift way from “throw-away culture.” The environment minister, Svenja Schulze, says the purpose of the ban is to move away from “throw-away culture”.  Long held as a solution for the future, plastics are increasing contributing to the problems of now.  Indeed, throw-away culture is the by-product of past thinking.  Unfortunately, it sticks around even when its unwanted – much like single-use plastics it promotes. It’s for that reason, other countries are joining the cause too.

Canada Early to Act Against Plastics

Canadian launched a plastics ban in 2019.  This legislation offers businesses a year to phase out plastic products. Items such as straws, bags, cutlery and to-go containers are included.  By 2021 the ban is set to be 100% active. In fact, Justin Trudeau is now credited by taking early leadership on environmental sustainability.  Perhaps this Canadian plastics ban sets an example for other Western economies as well.

A US Plastics Ban In the Future?

The fight against single-use plastics is at every level of government in America. Almost everyone. The federal government is largely mum on the topic.  However, states such as California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Main, New York, Oregon, and Vermont are leaders banning plastics.  In fact, the real shift has been on a city level where citizens are demanding change in their own communities. Local action has percolated into state action.  Perhaps this state action can transition into a federal action as well.

Paper Product Solutions

At OkStraw Paper Straws, its more than saying “no” to plastics. We encourage saying yes to paper products.  We deliver our 4-Ply strength straws globally.  So wherever the next moment of change happens, we’ll be there. We are ready to support cities and small businesses alike with sustainable paper products.