Happy New Years from OkStraw Paper Straws

Looking Forward to 2020

Happy New Years from all of us at OkStraw Paper Straws! 2019’s coming to a close, the fireworks are getting prepared, and the drinks are coming in fast and strong. Before we hit 2020, let’s take a look back at all 2019 brought to us. 

2019 was a big year for OkStraw Paper Straws. From trade shows to all-new products, we hit the ground running, and never looked back. We donated thousands of dollars worth of paper straws to local food banks and volunteered to help out in the kitchen at Father Joe’s Village. We helped clean up plastic pollution throughout San Diego and plan to continue helping the community into 2020. So grab a drink and a paper straw, and reminisce for just a bit.

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Lots of Trade Shows in 2019

This year, OkStraw Paper Straws made several trade show debuts, and we hit it off big! March saw us at the International Foodservice & Restaurant Show in New York City, rubbing elbows with the big shots. Come May, we packed our windbreakers, and headed off to the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. 


By July, we packed our sunscreen, and jetted off to Orlando, where we attended the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show. August was another hot month for OkStraw, starting in New Orleans. We hit the Big Easy, and made our debut at the Louisiana Restaurant Show. 

We finished August at Western Food Expo in Los Angeles, establishing our reputation from coast to coast. We were even featured in Slate Magazine article, which was also pretty cool! 2019 was OkStraw’s national breakout year, and by golly is the jet lag kicking in!

Several Great New Paper Straw Products

This year saw a ton of new OkStraw paper straws to defeat those pesky plastic straws. Over the Summer, our paper spoon straws became a must have for any slushie drink. From there, we demonstrated our engineering abilities with our record-setting paper tiki straws. Completing this triumphant trio were our ADA-compliant paper bendy straws, delivering the final coup de grace to plastic straws. 

OkStraw also introduced more choices to our existing paper straws. New for 2019 are 4-ply options for our paper bubble tea straws, jumbo cocktail straws, and giant paper straws. So no matter what your needs are, there’s an OkStraw paper straw for you. We’re proud of what we brought to the market in 2019, and 2020’s also gonna be a blast!

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Let’s Ring in the New Year!

So now that 2019’s under our belts, let’s grab 2020 by the horns! Next decade’s going to see new consumer trends, new environmental laws, and greater calls for environmental justice. At OkStraw Paper Straws, we’re up to any challenges that come our way. 

We love New Year’s resolutions, but we make them too hard. Well here’s a New Year’s resolution that’s easier than any you made before. Forget no junk food, or learning how to hula hoop. If you want to make the biggest difference and put in the least amount of effort, then switch to paper straws. It’s so easy that even Californians like us at OkStraw can do it!

Switching to paper straws isn’t just the easiest resolution ever, it also makes a HUGE difference. No more plastic straws means healthier oceans, less plastic waste, and a lower carbon footprint. So grab a drink and an OkStraw paper straw, watch the fireworks, and have an awesome New Year!

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Christmas Paper Straws & Cocktails

Christmas Paper Straws…Tis the Season

The holidays are coming and with them are tons of cute holiday cocktails which need Christmas paper straws. We’re writing letters to Santa, hanging up our stockings, and hoping to find holiday paper straws under the Christmas tree!  Here at OkStraw, we have festive paper straws to fit your holiday needs. So grab a drink and a paper straw, because we have some beverage ideas for your holiday festivities.

Festive Paper Straws for Cocktails

We love a great cocktail for the holidays.  In fact, OkStraw has some beverage ideas for you! If you’re celebrating Kwanzaa, then give this classic cocktail a try. Invented by the first African American cocktail book author Tom Bullock, the Stinger celebrates a true trailblazer. The Stinger consists of brandy and creme de menthe, a mint-flavored spirit. Serve it over ice in a cocktail glass, complete with an OkStraw Paper Bar Stir.

Hannukah’s on the way, and that means here comes the Manischewitz! This sweet kosher wine is a holiday staple, and it makes for great cocktails, too! Mix Manischewitz, lemon-lime soda, fruits and vodka for a Hannukah Sangria. Serve with a festive paper straw, or if you’re feeling especially generous, try OkStraw paper tiki straws! L’Chaim!

Holiday Cocktails – Eggnog or Boba?

Eggnog is an old childhood Christmas drink favorite, and it’s for adults too! Adult eggnog is your regular nog, but with a kick from brandy, bourbon or rum. One or two shots per serving should do the trick, and is best served chilled. Now a heavy drink like eggnog calls for a tough straw, and that’s where OkStraw Giant Paper Straws come in. Available in festive colors, OkStraw Christmas Paper Straws are perfect for your Christmas beverage needs.

After all, who doesn’t love wintry flavored bubble tea? Just prepare boba tea the way you do, and add your preferred seasonal spice powder or syrup. Our favorites are peppermint and pumpkin spice boba tea. Of course no boba drink is complete without an OkStraw Bubble Paper Straw! Available in 4-ply and in different colors. Our Christmas paper straws for boba are as simple as red stripe straws and green stripe straws.

Seasonal Paper Straws

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or all three, choose OkStraw’s seasonal paper straws. Available in fun colors, our festive  paper straws are the perfect compliment to your holiday celebrations.  We always carry Seasonal Paper Straws for any time of year.

OkStraw biodegradable paper straws come from sustainable forestry practices.  We take pride in only using organic materials.  Our Christmas Paper straws are 100 percent plastic free. In fact, they have no animal byproducts. That makes OkStraw’s seasonal paper straws are perfect for any occasion. From all of us at OkStraw, we wish you Happy Holidays.

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Top Plastic Polluters in Canada

Top Plastic Polluters Responsible for Canadian Plastic Waste

Greenpeace Canada just named Neslté and Tim Hortons as the country’s top plastic polluters.  How did they conclude this? The NGO collected Canadian plastic waste from beaches.  Remarkably, 2019 marks the second year as the top plastic polluters in Canada.  Meanwhile, Starbucks, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola were also on Greenpeace’s list of five top plastic polluters.

Greenpeace Targets Top Plastic Polluters

Greenpeace ranked these top polluters based on branded items found  at beach cleanups. These cleanups are work with global Break Free from Plastic movement.  For instance, beach cleanups took place in Halifax, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Greenpeace Canada composed a list of Canadian plastic waste. The list monitors which litter is found most. It includes food wrappers, cigarette filters, and bags. Ranking in 4th place are plastic straws. This list doesn’t surprise us though.  At OkStraw Paper Straws, we know American’s contribute to being top plastic polluters as well.

Where’s the Corporate Responsibility?

These five companies need to focus on corporate responsibility. In fact, they are taking steps.  For example, they are recycling plastics and switching to compostable items. But, are these efforts this enough? The short answer is “no”. Sarah King is head of Greenpeace Canada’s plastics campaign.  She contends there is more opportunity for corporate responsibility.

Greenpeace explains that using recyclable plastics is not enough. Compostable bioplastics still are top plastic polluters. For instance, Greenpeace still found items like bioplastic cutlery on beaches.  OkStraw paper straws are biodegradable and compostable. But, many bioplastics need industrial facilities to compost.  Therefore, Corporate Responsibility starts with sourcing compostable materials.  How? It’s simple! Shop paper products!

Paper Straws for a Plastic-free Canada

Prime Minister Trudeau’s government pledging to ban single-use plastics in pursuit of a plastic-free Canada. Greenpeace took the first step towards a plastic-free Canada.  They marked as top plastic polluters. On the other hand, what changes can the average Canadian make? We at OkStraw Paper Straws believe more than you think. You can cut down on plastic waste in two ways.  First, employ a straw upon request policy.  Second, if a client ask, use a paper straw.  This is a culture shift towards a plastic-free Canada which everyone can adopt.

To clarify, bring your own coffee cup. Or shop with you own reusable bag.. Support a Plastic-Free Canada with simple solutions. For example, shop paper straws!  OkStraw’s paper straws break down naturally. That means less Canadian plastic waste.  We join Greenpeace.  We urge for more corporate responsibility.

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