Why We Do What We Do at OkStraw

When we think of any cold beverage we enjoy on the go, we will probably drink it through a plastic straw. World demand for plastic straws is enormous, with Americans alone using 500 million of them per day. Many of us are unaware, however, that single use plastic straws are destroying our oceans’ ecosystems. Plastic straws are almost impossible to recycle, and as a result, they end up among the millions of tons of trash that litter our oceans. Animals who live in oceans will often accidentally ingest plastic straws and die. As a result, entire ecosystems can be permanently damaged and even decimated, impacting millions of people around the world who depend on our precious resource of the oceans to survive.

With the future of the oceans and millions of people at stake, advocacy groups, companies, and governments are rising to the challenge of cutting out the deadly waste from single use plastic straws. At OKSTRAW, we are more than ever prepared to conquer this monumental challenge of producing and supplying eco-friendly alternatives to the destructive single use plastic straw, while also meeting the extremely high-volume consumer demand for beverage straws. In our mission to supply the world with new sustainable utensil options, there is no alternative but to end our addiction to plastic straws.

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