Airline Straw Ban Removes Plastic Straws from the Sky

Airline Straw Ban – Keeping Plastic Out of Our Skys

The Alaska Airline straw ban is removing single-use plastic straws and drink stirrers on all flights. In tandem with Jr. Ocean Guardians – an ocean conservation group – this marks another big private sector company pivoting away from plastic straws. Alaska Airlines was recorded using 22 million straws last year. The airline straw ban will replace straws with sustainable, marine-friendly options, including white birch and bamboo. The carrier is working with Seattle-based nonprofit Lonely Whale to support the switch-over.  This airline straw ban sets the standard for other company’s to remove plastics from flights and sets a good example for sustainable suppliers partnering with big companies today..

Alaska Airlines says it’s not stopping with its airline straw ban either, as it doubles down on environmentally friendly conveniences. The carrier says it will replace large (32 ounce – 46 ounce) aseptic juice boxes with aluminum cans, just as it did away with bottle beer in favor of cans last year, since aluminum us much easier to recycle.  The airline straw ban is just the beginning as it endeavors into a more sustainable future moving forward.

Its reported that starting in early November, another airline straw ban will hit.  United Airlines, the third-largest U.S. carrier, which operates 4,600 flights a day and carried 148 million passengers last year, will reportedly replace disposable plastic drink stirrers that double as straws and picks with bamboo versions in all of its cabins.

Additionally, third airline straw ban is due from American Airlines.  American Airlines, the world’s largest airline, is looking to July as a date where it would also offer plastic alternatives to flatware and stir sticks in its lounges.  Airlines will shift to other materials for on-board and lounge use, which mirrors that of the restaurant and food and beverage industries where several companies are pledging to use alternatives to single-use plastic straws or plastic packaging.