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Wholesale Paper Straws – Bon Appetit Management’s Move to Sustainability

Bon Appétit Management, a sustainable food-service company, is buying wholesale paper straws.  The restaurant group boasts eateries at major U.S. college campuses, museums and other institutions and is banning plastic straws, at 1,000 locations in 33 states.  With the plastic bans comes wholesale paper straws in it’s wake.  The plastic ban will be complete by […]

New York Bars Search for Cocktail Paper Straws

Cocktail Paper straws are seemingly more rare and valuable than gold right now in New York.  Plastic straws are being dumped so speedily that eco-friendly replacements have grown hard to come by. Bans are already affecting top New York cocktail spots. One of the city’s splashiest new drinking establishments is The Polynesian.  They boast a […]

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