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StarBucks Straw Ban – Corporate Sustainability

Starbucks Straw Ban, Sucks the Fun Out of Plastic Straws The Starbucks straw ban is making headlines right now.  Faced with a growing backlash over its effect on the environment, Starbucks is about to stop using disposable plastic straws by 2020.  This will erase more than one billion straws a year from consumption.   Talk about […]

Oakland Straw Ban is a Beachhead Against Single Use Plastics

Oakland Straw Ban is Bigger Then Plastic Straws The Oakland straw ban was voted unanimously by City Council to approve an ordinance that will prohibit the use of single-use plastic straws in the city’s restaurants, bars and cafes unless customers ask for them.   The city council claims: plastic straws pose a long-term threat to marine life, waterways […]

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